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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This & That (Not a Football Post)

Today I had lunch with Isa Leshko and Jane. We had Vegge Dim Sum. So good. (I could hear the kitchen staff listening to the Brazil-Chile game, which I loved. Hey snuck in a little soccer in after all).
Meanwhile the husband and cousins were at The Fancy Food Show and they came home with lots of bounty.
And talking about food. I have been storing my film for years in my fridge, turns out that that **might** be an unhealthy idea (tx Isa!).
So I am removing all of it. I have been toying with buying a deli fridge anyway. To store my film and possibly my negatives. But I am concerned about condensation. Ideally I would like to just build a temperature controlled closet. I don't need pro-storage, but between heatwaves and steam pipes I know I am doing bad things to my negatives. They need a climate controlled home.
I started reading Chase Jarvis' blog. The husband turned me onto www.blog.chasejarvis.com/blog/ when he suggested I watch Chase Jarvis' digital work flow video. Good stuff.

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