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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jessica Hilltout's Stars

Head over to the The New York Times, to read about and see photographic work by Jessica Hilltout. To Those With Nothing, Soccer Is Everything written by Celia W. Dugger speaks about Jessica Hilltout's journey across the continent of Africa photographing everyday people playing soccer.
“I want to do an exhibit in South Africa, and while all the big stars are in the stadiums, I want you guys to be the stars of my show.” Ms. Hilltout is quoted as having said to her subjects.

What a beautiful thought and project. To me this is what photography is all about and soccer too.
It is also the reason I think the rules of soccer should not change and no instant replay should be added. Let me get back on my soap box: soccer is a metaphor for life. And FIFA should make sure the game is played as much as possible as it is played everywhere everyday.

courtesy Jessica Hilltout - get the book via www.jessicahilltout.com.

Visit www.nytimes.com or click here to see a slide show of Jessica Hilltout's project Amen: Grassroot Football. I also love the look behind the scenes the photographer provides on her website at: www.jessicahilltout.com/roadbook/.
If you are in South Africa you can also catch an exhibit of the work at JoaoFerreira Gallery until July 24, 2010 and in Johannesburg at Resolution Gallery of Digital Art through July 31, 2010. if you are in Europe you can see the work at Botanique Gallery in Brussel until July 18, 2010.
And speaking of poignant photographs, I did like Luca Bruno's (AP) image of Gerard Piqué of Spain comforting Bastian Schweinsteiger of Germany after yesterday's game. You can see it at: www.nytimes.com or by clicking here.