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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

St. Pauli, St, Pauli!

St.Pauli - non established since 1910

Paul is great. But St. Pauli is something else.
My hometown has two prominent soccer teams, the HSV and
St. Pauli. They are very different clubs.
The HSV has consistently played in the premiere league and usually at least one or two of the players of the national team's day job is at HSV.
Then there is St. Pauli.
St. Pauli's home is located in the heart of Hamburg's red light district. Home to the notorious Reeperbahn and Hafenstraße.
St. Pauli recently ascended to the premier league again, but for most of the last century they have either played in the second or third league. However FC St. Pauli has a hardcore following. And what St. Pauli might lack in talent it certainly makes up with spirit.

St. Pauli always enters the home field to ACDC's Hells Bells, their logo includes a skull and cross bone and their vintage stadium doesn't even have a modern scoreboard (nor VIP boxes nor heating). Every goal means someone has to climb up the board and manually switch up the numbers. Gotta love it.

Below some footage of this incredible phenomena.

This footage a real treat. Look at th eOliver Kahn and Michael Ballack! Ha! The FC Bayern Munich (prob. one of the best clubs in the world) entering the field to play St. Pauli. For those of you who understand German, the commentary is hilarious. Courtesy tArchStantont

And who needs cheerleaders if you got the Ultras?

The Ultras are the most hardcore fans of St. Pauli. They will sing and cheer throughout the entire and every game. Away and home games. No matter how crappy a venue the club might be appearing at. Courtesy grischaderfreak

Well, and sometimes things go a bit crazy. Soccer Hooligans have always been a problem in Europe. It has become a bit more tamed, but once in a while s**t really hits the fan:

The satirically commentary is in German. If you don't speak German, just wait for the footage.: The dark side of soccer. Courtesy

If you want to read more about St. Pauli I recommend reading Brian Rogers's St. Pauli Soccer in a Seafaring Town, which he wrote for the Boston Globe. And
Oread Daily's Germany: Anti-Racist, Anti-Fascist Soccer Team Makes the Big Time written for Info News.


Peter said...

Does this all mean you might be a Jets fan come september?

nina said...

Do they start the game by playing Black Sabbath or Pantera?

Peter said...

might be welcome to the jungle.....locker room...on to the next one...jay-z. j-e-t-s jets jets jets.

Peter said...

no vuvuzelas allowed tho..........

nina said...

we might have to discuss this over a beer.

Peter said...

for sure.....oh and the QB is super cute....
google mark sanchez.