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Friday, July 23, 2010

This Old House

Bohemia used reside here: The old Fluxus Farm in the Berkshires ©Nina Buesing Corvallo

When a young teenager I once summered in Villers-sur-Mer with my friend Katherine. Her parents had rented an at once crappy and magnificent old house in Normandy. It sat on a hill overlooking the coast. It had a dining room with large oil portraits and creaky furniture where everyone would meet for breakfast. Katherine's parents were historians and had invited their friends, other writers and historians, to spend the summer. There was never enough hot water for anyone's shower, but always plenty of conversation and Cider. When you are a kid everything is normal. Looking back I wish I would have been old enough to capture this slice of Bohemia.
What made me think of that summer, was Penelope Green's article In a Crumbling Estate, Creativity and History Meet from Wednesday's New York Times. It is accompanied by a slide show, you can find it by clicking here.

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