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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We Live Longer

Clearly the city is always on my mind.
I came across a New York Times article titled Creating Safer and Kinder Districts to Grow Old by Anemona Hartocollis.
I really liked it because I do think the city is a great place to live for young and old. This gets often overlooked. Many times I heard from people that I consider interlopers, that they feel sorry when they see old people in the streets of New York. They say they think: "Oh poor them, they didn't make it out", when they see a person in their 80s on their street.
It is a strange assumption to me that everyone wants to "get out". Some of my neighbors are in their 80s and they love the city! Particular in the US, I think a place like New York is great as one advances in age. No car needed, hospitals everywhere. City culture is geared towards service and just by looking out of your window you can be part of life. You never have to be lonely in New York. If you really want to find someone that shares your interests, they are there. People are friendly in New York. You just have to reach out and partake.
If you can afford New York in your retirement I think it is a great place for older folks - and I think those with more decades under their belt are also an invaluable asset to the community.
So I am happy to to hear that powers to be agree and are addressing issues affecting older residents.

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