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Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday This & That (Creepy Edition)

Gotta love Iggy Pop. In high school my friend Maja and I used to see him perform at the Ritz, and it was always a great show. That man has spunk. Rebecca Mead captured a brief vignette of the Godfather of Punk for this week's New Yorker titled appropriately Torso.
All I have to say is that I don't like wearing socks either. Find the piece at: www.newyorker.com.

The dilemma of government. The New York Landmark commission removed another obstacle facing the building of the Islamic center near Ground Zero. Many people are very upset about the Mosque being built. But as the Mayor pointed out, freedom of religion, a basic principle of this country, is being observed, despite the fact that popular opinion dissents.
Similarly California's Prop 8 was overruled. Despite the fact Prop 8 came to be through popular vote. I am not big on organized religion, but big on equality, so I agree with both developments, but I know that many do not. What to think about that I don't know. I know it creeps me out. Just like underwear creeps out Iggy Pop.

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