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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Star Trek Apartment

A lifetime ago when the husband and I were looking for our first apartment together, we almost moved into an apartment in the East Village that looked a little bit like the one featured on www.ny.curbed.com on August 6. 2010.
Well, maybe "looked-like" is an exaggeration. It was a rental and it certainly did not have fancy tiles or premium finishes. But the concept was the same: form & function. It had elevations and stairs/sitting areas that featured hidden storage. It was a great use of space.
It felt a bit futuristic to me so I christen it the "Star Trek" apartment.
Truth is the apartment was probably more akin to the interior of a sailing boat than a spaceship.
Anyway, it left an impression on me. It showed problem solving and creativity at its best.

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