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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We went to see The Social Network this week. And I really liked it.
It made me long for the days of The West Wing. I am a visual person and certainly appreciate aesthetics, but it is such a relief and pleasure to encounter good dialogue in a movie. Aaron Sorkin just excels at this. Even the husband liked this movie.
Smart movies seem to have almost entirely vanished . Is it because the majority of movie goers do not want to think or pay attention? The person sitting in front of me at the theater seemed less than impressed or captured by The Social Network. He texted and used apps throughout the entire movie.
Man, the screen of that i-phone was bright.
Anyway. One note, I think Jonathan Groff would have been a better casting choice for the character of Sean Parker.

I keep thinking about my friend Emily's portrait of Mark Zuckerberg. It is one of the most poignant portraits of him. And I would not be surprised if Emily's portait influenced visual master David Fincher.

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labellua said...

Alec Baldwin got pelted with M&Ms by fellow movie goers for being on his phone...