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Monday, October 25, 2010

Melancolic, but Resolute

my first passport & a visa to Iraq ©Nina Buesing Corvallo

I should be on the A train out to JFK right now.
Lots of people I love have already made their way to Indonesia for the nuptials of two awesome people. But we have to sit this one out. It really sucks.
There is no more adequate way to describe it. It just sucks.
I wanted to be there for Emma & Jonathan, I wanted to be with the rest of our friends, I wanted to travel and I want(ed) to return to Bali.
I have always travelled. My parents took me all over the globe and not going on this trip made me realize what a priority travel is for me. I love being home too. It's a whole yin yang thing.
Nothing clears my mind better than a long haul night flight. Tabula Rasa. And then you get off the plane and step into another world. Leaving behind the quotidian.
It is now almost November and what that means is that this year is now old enough to have become messy. This year certainly had a few lows. Some things were out of my control others I did not navigate well . So what to do? Giddy up and keep on trucking.

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