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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The (Continental) Home

My European friends all have such stylish apartments. My homes never look the way I want them to.
I have moved 16 times in New York alone. And that has some to do with why my homes never really reflect me. Another reason is that I have lived in places that were not meant for permanent or quality living (dorms, tenements, studio apartments, converted factory spaces). My European friends all live in apartments or even houses that were designed for permanent living. ( I would love a window in my bathroom!).
But at the end of the day of course how your home looks also has to do with you. My parents every time they moved brought all their things, even if they knew that they were only going somewhere for a couple of years. My friend A., put in a new kitchen into her rental apartment, our friend M. redid entire parts of her rental apartment. I admire that. We have barely even bought a piece of furniture. Ours is either Ikea or a hand-me-down or found on the street. I don't mind. Even though sometimes I dream of a nice table or re-upholstering my couch. But in New York I never know what size my next home will be, so I guess I will hold off on buying that nice big round table I am dreaming of, just in case it won't fit in the next apartment.

Here are some links to some beautiful homes:
Down a Paris Alley, a 19th-Century Dream House in The New York Times by Paola Singer
Jenna Lyons' home in Brooklyn at Habitually Chic blog.
India Hicks' home in the Bahamas also at Habitually Chic Blog.
Karin Arens home in Italy at Mandarine d'Italie blog.
A Scandinavian home (still in love with Sweden!) and Industrial Chic in New York also at Mandarine d'Italie.
A house I like to stay at on Tinos Island, Greece at The Style Files. And speaking of travel I love Moroccan Riads.

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