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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Everyday Magic Realism

Farewell to the late King of Peliatan © Jason McCann

Whether in literature or art I have a fondness for magical realism. When I spent time in Ubud on Bali I felt as if I had stepped into an early novel by Isabelle Allende or a creation by Simen Johan. Ritual is part of everyday life and the arts are part of everyone's life in Ubud. I like to travel because it elevates the mundane to the extraordinary. My experience in Ubud was exceptional, there was so much beauty - appealing to all senses: Frangipani scented soft batiks, air thick with incense, good food, the sounds of the Gamelan, the deep mooing of cows, vast vistas of rice paddies and magnificent carvings everywhere. We stayed at a beauteous villa and along with friends witnessed the nuptials of people we love. Life, if one is lucky, is punctured by sublime moments where everything comes together perfectly. Art is made of the same alchemy.

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