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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Working Proof

Armadillo © OSoo /courtesy The Working Proof

The Working Proof is a newish online showcase where you can acquire exclusive limited edition prints. Like Tiny Showcase they have a nice selection of work available and parts of the proceeds go to a charity of the artist's choice. Among the work available is a print by one of my favorite contemporary artists: Julianna Swaney.
And The Working Proof introduced me to the work of OSoo - a talented New York based artist who effortlessly fuses the organic and the artificial.
You can browse The Working Proof's print selection at: www.theworkingproof.com.

You can re-visit my interview with Julianna, by clicking here.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Grateful Friday

My great-grandmother, mom, uncle and grandmother. © Buesing

Sandra Juto this Thursday decided it was Grateful Thursday, I am following the wise Swede's footsteps and making today Grateful Friday.

I am grateful for my husband and the rest of my family (that includes the cats). This week I got to see my younger nephew in his first play. And that was awesome. My parents live far away so I am especially grateful my sister lives close by.
I am grateful for my health. Which brings me to being grateful for my friends. I pulled something in my neck last night while cleaning the kitchen and my friend Nurse Amy came over today and gave me a two hour massage that fixed my neck.
When I got married, my father gave a beautiful speech at our wedding thanking our friends. Since most of our family lives far away, friends -or framily as Amy calls it- has often taken the place of family. I think New York is very conducive to these deep friendships, because New York is so extreme: at once amazing and really tough place to live.
So we have to band together and we do. The New York tribe is strong. Thank you everyone for coming to the party last weekend.
One of our tribe is returning home tomorrow, and I am really excited about that! Welcome home Aretha!
I am also grateful for my virtual (blog) buddies, particularly 'the Swedes', who provide daily inspiration.Thank you Karin, Camilla and Sandra. As mentioned before I have a huge soft spot for all things Swedish. Maybe because my great-grandmother's family hailed from Sweden.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Carson Ellis

Today I was looking at lovely art and illustration by Carson Ellis, who I discovered while browsing Amazon. Carson Ellis did the illustration for Laura Veirs's new album July Flames. I saw the cover on Amazon and I really loved it. As previously mentioned I have a thing for American Buffalo and a white bison is just sublime. You can find (see) the album (cover) on Amazon.com and you can even get it on Vinyl at www.ravenmarchingband.com or www.tower.com (Yeah, Tower lives on). I am thinking of getting myself a Vinyl copy, especially since it comes with a poster with more artwork by Carson Ellis in it.
You can see Carson Ellis' portfolio at: www.carsonellis.com.

Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK Jr Day

Armstrong Rubber Company, Natchez, Mississippi 2007 from A Civil Rights Memorial © Jess Ingram
ItalicMartin Luther King Jr. : I have a dream.
You can see the speech at: www.ted.com.

Also my fellow Tisch alumni Jessica Ingram is the 2009 PhotoNola Review Prize Winner. Her series A Civil Rights Memorial was recently featured on PDN online. You can see this project at:
You can re-visit my interview with Jess, by visiting www.nymphoto.blogspot.com or by clicking here.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Trust You Mama Buddah

Maybe the recession is over?

I love the classic & affordable Chinese food from Mama Buddah. So old skool and their fortune cookie messages are the best. Also no one delivers your food faster then Mama Buddah! I still miss the old location. It's now, of course, a bank. Sigh.