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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Paintings by Momoko Takamatsu

Via Fine Little Day I came across the royal portraits painted by artist Momoko Takamatsu. You can find them by visiting: www.inuti.se.
I love the color palette the artist uses and the mood she captures in the faces of her portraits.
Momoko Takamatsu recently had a show at the Royal Armoury in Stockholm, Sweden titled Momokos Kungliga Porträtt (Momokos Royal Portraits) that was a great success.
Ms.Takamatsu studies and practices her craft at Atelje'Inuti. Inuti is a foundation that offers persons with intellectual disabilities (Ms. Takamatsu has Down Syndrome) a space and environment to practice artistic expression.
The world has been so focused on conformity for so long and I think artists like Momoko Takamatsu help us appreciate and celebrate individuality, while reminding us that while we might all be different we also have much in common.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet Child o'Mine - Indian Style

Appetite for Destruction is (one of) my favorite record(s). (Yeah, I said 'record').
Click here to hear a Raga style cover of Sweet Child o'Mine. Sweet indeed.
(tx Manjari Sharma)