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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday This & That (Samedi de la Photographie)

© Jane Tam

Above a new work from Jane's Asleep at Sea series. This image like the others from Asleep at Sea is so serene and matter of fact yet romantic.

For me it is hard to balance being curator/editor and being a productive artist. I like to help and work with others. And it is easier to have perspective in regard to someone else work than to have it with your own work. It's time for me to think about my work. But I still want to look at other work. Like Stuart McClymont's work.
Today at last my copy of Viviane Sassen's Flamboya arrived and I can't stop looking at that. I am so excited about her way at looking at the world.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Some (New York) News

© Nina Buesing Corvallo

The original Law & Order series ending is a bummer for us New Yorkers. Not just because of all the revenue lost, but also because the series has been deeply embedded in the folklore of the city for two decades.
It seems most things come to an end and I guess if you want to look at it from a Zen perspective, than you might say that this is part of the Ying & Yang of life. And if it has to end, then better to go out like this, with people mourning the loss than people breathing a sign of relief.

Today we also say goodbye to Nymphoto.
The collective and the ideas behind it have been around for a good amount of time in New York too. Over a decade.
As said in our farewell post, the decision was made form a positive place. The collective came to be guerrilla style in an old wrecked artist loft that has since, predictably, has given way to a bling condominium. (Hey Pete, we will be forever grateful!). We are proud of all the things we have done.
What has meant the most to us when we received thanks from artists who actually felt that we had helped their career.That is an awesome feeling. And that was the mission.
The collective has also has given us members invaluable experiences, opportunity and friendship.
As my brother-in-law, the doctor, likes to say: stasis is death. So I am happy to report that lots has changed for all of us at Nymphoto since the journey began. Careers (in the arts and outside the arts) have flourished, people have moved and bought homes, found partners & husbands and three of us even had offspring.
None of these events have replaced our desire for community or for fighting the good fight. It is just that things need to change.
I hear Dick Wolf is talking to a cable network about giving L&O another season or that there might be a tv-movie to wrap things up.
Well Nymphoto, might go the same route. We are saying au revoir not adieu.
You might see us pop up again some time in the future in some shape or form. And please keep in touch and follow our individual efforts.
In the mean time I just wanted to thank you all who lend us support over the years. I can't list all of you. But know we appreciated it.
Big shout out to our husbands & partners, our families at large and our friends. And I wanted to single out Emily, Tema, Pete, Sasha and my husband. In my book you guys played a pivotal role and of course I am grateful for my talented and kind Nymphoto cohorts. Thank you, Ladies!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


© Emily Shur

Head over to www.nymphoto.blogspot.com for another conversation with Emily Shur.

Hamburger Rumkugel

My attempt & the real deal in Hamburg © Nina Buesing Corvallo

Yum! I think I finally mastered how to make authentic German Rumballs.
German Rumballs are made form leftover cake. The basic idea is to take left over cake, crumble it up in a bowl, add rum and jam (add crushed walnuts if to your liking). Stir and then form balls. Roll the balls in chocolate sprinkles and place in the fridge for a couple of hours. The trick is to be generous with the jam and rum. The dry cake is revived by the moisture of the rum and the jam will keep the balls together and allow for the chocolate sprinkles to stick.
The husband is somewhat camera shy, so I won't share a picture of him biting for the first time into a Hamburger Rumkugel, but let's just say his face spelt utter delight.
I have never found real rum balls this side of the pond, probably because the added rum prevents people from selling it at bakeries here.
Anyway, the Hamburger Rumkugeln are delicious. Dried-up cake, rum (in our case coconut rum from Belize), jam and chocolate sprinkles might sound like an odd combo, but it works.
And I like the idea of not wasting leftovers but recycling them and turning it into a treat.
Whenever I am home I notice how much less my parents waste. They are good about using public transport, the stems of broccoli don't go in the compost bin, but are turned into soup, they had compact fluorescent in place decades ago, and my mom air dries all laundry. The real beauty is that they are actually not frugal people. They do it because they think it is the right thing to do.
Europeans can be great that way. Even though it always surprises me that the concept of the doggy bag has not been accepted yet in Europe. That makes no sense! Doggy bags rock.

Also if you are craving awesome baked good and you are upstate or near-ish Montreal, try Green Point Foods!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday This & That (Global Edition)

- This week's New Yorker's Shots & Murmurs Your New College Graduate: A Parents' Guide by Simon Rich made me giggle.
- Helmar Lerski exhibit at Ubu Gallery in New York through June 25th, 2010. (via Horses Think)
- I am a big fan of old skool 'low-fi' Caribbean living. Much of it is disappearing, some for good reasons (a concrete house does better with the elements) and often for the bad reasons (golf courses etc).
Caribbean Style by Suzanne Slessin & Stafford Cliff, Jack Berthelot, Martine Gaumé,Daniel Rozensztroch, published by Slesin & Cliff is a good anthology of traditional Caribbean homes and living. Many incredible houses in Port au Prince, Haiti are shown in this book. Many houses depicted imaginably were destroyed in this year's earthquake. While of course unimportant in comparison to the human suffering, it is certainly a big cultural loss.
- Another outstanding anthology of style is Tim Street-Porter's Casa Mexicana. Apparently there is a follow up: Casa Mexicana Style (with Anne Kelly), that I plan on checking out.
- Also Rona travelled twice to Mexico this year and she shares some of her images on her blog: www.plumandlion.blogspot.com.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Greater New York @ PS 1/MOMA

from Greater New York 2005 PS1/MOMA

Above visual works exhibited at Greater New York 2005 at PS1 and below a sound sculpture:

from Greater New York 2005 PS1/MOMA © Nina Buesing Corvallo

Greater New York 2010
May 23–October 18
Opening Day Celebration: Sunday, May 23, 12:00–6:00 p.m.
MoMA PS1 and The Museum of Modern Art present the third iteration of the quinquennial exhibition Greater New York, which showcases the work of artists and collectives living and working in the New York metropolitan area. In addition to presenting recent works by some 68 artists, Greater New York includes an active on-site workshop in which participating artists are invited to experiment with new projects and ideas throughout the duration of the exhibition.

I found the last Greater New York exhibit exhilarating so I hope this one will be as good. Both Michele Ables and Hank Willis Thomas have work in this exhibit - and Klaus Biesenbach (yes , as in 'Klaus Haus') is the main curator behind this show as well. I say we are off to a good start.

© Michele Abeles

You can re-visit my conversation for Nymphoto with Michele, by clicking here.