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Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Morning!

I am just about out the door to one of my favorite bars in NYC: Loreley. They open early today for the Germany vs. Serbia game and we are going to meet some friends and watch the game. Unlike a certain right wing pundit, we love the world cup (& America!) . :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday This & That (Long Edition)

Patrick Romero, like Helmut Newton, is incredible at capturing his Los Angeles. re-visit my interview with Patrick, by clicking here. © Patrick Romero

Google Calendar has a FIFA World Cup Calendar you can integrate with your Google Calendar. Excellent.
A lot of New Yorkers don't like LA. I do. I like to visit and photograph there. California has gorgeous nature and amazing light. I have quite a few friends out in LA, and what is most interesting to me is that they all live very different lives. When I visit, I like to sample each lifestyle. While New York is more expensive, LA is more decadent. It just is. No offense, but you import your drinking water from out of state!
Right there, that is decadence.
LA does decadence well. I think Helmut Newton was incredible a capturing and commenting on it. His home away from home (and the place he passed) was the Chateau Marmont. I don't like hotels much, and usually I rent a house or an apartment when we travel. But I do love the Chateau. It is not the most comfortable hotel nor is it all that luxurious.
But the Chateau has a great vibe. Sofia Coppola's newest film is set in the Chateau. I am a Sofia fan and I am looking forward to seeing Somewhere. Sofia Coppola, like the Chateau, is incredible at creating and capturing atmosphere. You can see the trailer for Somewhere at: www.kino-zeit.de. By the way I think Stephen Dorff is an excellent casting choice for this. He is so LA in my mind.

Liya Kebede's
new venture lemlem is a good idea and has great design. Check it out at: www.lemlem.com and J.Crew is also selling items by lemlem right now - and they are going fast!

courtesy lemlem

I recommend Charles Siebert's The Animal-Cruelty Syndrome article for The New York Times Magazine as a read. Photographs are by Charlotte Dumas. I love her work.

Last night the husband and I took a stroll around the hood and we passed by the New School where they were filming a movie.
As we passed the extras and some actors exited the building. The movie must be a period piece, as they were all dressed 40/50 style.
The New School is on a classic Greenwich Village block that has not changed much in many decades and for a moment we travelled in time. It was one of those great New York moments.

Speaking of dress and style. The Satorialist is still one of the best blogs. It's such a pleasure to look at and a great way to celebrate life. Garance Doré also has a great eye for style.

Monday, June 14, 2010

And in Art (?) News...

Head over to A Photo Editor for his post: Sam Abell’s Cowboy Photo For Sale Again *not by Sam
and I would recommend to also read the discussion in the comments section.

Via A Cup of Jo I heard about Improv Everywhere. You can see their Tourist Lane project at: www.improveverywhere.com.

And in Sports News...

Germany vs Australia at the Blaue Gans © Buesing

The world cup is in full swing and New Yorkers have soccer fever. The city is a great place to be during the world cup, because people from everywhere live here and so every game becomes an event. New York is pretty crowded, especially Downtown Manhattan, so sometimes life just spills out onto the street, particularly in the summer and during the worldcup.
And that makes the city extra fun.
For me it is not really about the game or who is winning or loosing. I just like seeing people enthusiastic and connecting. Come to think of it maybe that is the point of the game.

In other sports news, Abby Sunderland was rescued. Irresponsible or not, Abby Sunderland has reignited my affinity for sailing. You can read Abby Sunderland's blog entries at: www.soloround.blogspot.com.