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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Since Thanksgiving is Around the Corner...

A few years ago we started to host the "Orphan" Thanksgiving. Being alone on Thanksgiving can be depressing, even if you have not grown up with the holiday. I've been there.
So if we know you, and you don't have a place to go for the holiday, come to our house. What's the catch? There is no Turkey. It's all vegge and you have to bring something vegge to eat.
Need inspiration for a vegge dish? Check out The New York Times's Well's Vegetarian Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Two of my favorite people just got hitched. This made my day :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The (Continental) Home

My European friends all have such stylish apartments. My homes never look the way I want them to.
I have moved 16 times in New York alone. And that has some to do with why my homes never really reflect me. Another reason is that I have lived in places that were not meant for permanent or quality living (dorms, tenements, studio apartments, converted factory spaces). My European friends all live in apartments or even houses that were designed for permanent living. ( I would love a window in my bathroom!).
But at the end of the day of course how your home looks also has to do with you. My parents every time they moved brought all their things, even if they knew that they were only going somewhere for a couple of years. My friend A., put in a new kitchen into her rental apartment, our friend M. redid entire parts of her rental apartment. I admire that. We have barely even bought a piece of furniture. Ours is either Ikea or a hand-me-down or found on the street. I don't mind. Even though sometimes I dream of a nice table or re-upholstering my couch. But in New York I never know what size my next home will be, so I guess I will hold off on buying that nice big round table I am dreaming of, just in case it won't fit in the next apartment.

Here are some links to some beautiful homes:
Down a Paris Alley, a 19th-Century Dream House in The New York Times by Paola Singer
Jenna Lyons' home in Brooklyn at Habitually Chic blog.
India Hicks' home in the Bahamas also at Habitually Chic Blog.
Karin Arens home in Italy at Mandarine d'Italie blog.
A Scandinavian home (still in love with Sweden!) and Industrial Chic in New York also at Mandarine d'Italie.
A house I like to stay at on Tinos Island, Greece at The Style Files. And speaking of travel I love Moroccan Riads.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Bread

Rockahill Bakehouse's Sourdough is the best I have tasted in the city. Not cheap, but good stuff. You can find it at the Union Square Farmer's Market on Saturdays.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Everyday Magic Realism

Farewell to the late King of Peliatan © Jason McCann

Whether in literature or art I have a fondness for magical realism. When I spent time in Ubud on Bali I felt as if I had stepped into an early novel by Isabelle Allende or a creation by Simen Johan. Ritual is part of everyday life and the arts are part of everyone's life in Ubud. I like to travel because it elevates the mundane to the extraordinary. My experience in Ubud was exceptional, there was so much beauty - appealing to all senses: Frangipani scented soft batiks, air thick with incense, good food, the sounds of the Gamelan, the deep mooing of cows, vast vistas of rice paddies and magnificent carvings everywhere. We stayed at a beauteous villa and along with friends witnessed the nuptials of people we love. Life, if one is lucky, is punctured by sublime moments where everything comes together perfectly. Art is made of the same alchemy.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Follow Up

Follow Up to Saturday's Post -- Ok, now this one I could not tell at all. Turns out Idris Elba (the character Stringer Bell on The Wire) is also English. Go figure.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Yorkers

When you live in New York, you see celebrities all the time. You'll see the governor on the beach and Jon Stewart buying cat food at the supermarket. It's just part of life and New Yorkers don't care.
Celebrities are just people and one thing the 24 hour news cycle pontificates, is that people in the public eye are just as flawed as the rest of us (Emily has a post on a similar subject, which you can find at: www.emilyshur.com/blog).
However I am not immune and just like Jesse Taylor Ferguson I have a crush on Alec Baldwin.
I was tickled to see Alec Baldwin walk into the restaurant I was eating at last night (the man knows his restaurants!). When The Hunt for Red October came out I probably saw it 10 times. While Brad Pitt has faded from my radar, Alec Balwin maintains a steady position. The man is funny, witty, handsome (I like a manly belly), has one of the best voices, is a proud and outspoken New Yorker and - drum roll please- a vegetarian. He seems to just get better with age.
What's not to love?

another reason to heart Alec Baldwin (watch to the end) courtesy FIGHTBACKPAC.COM