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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Looking At

Zwelethu Mthethwa's portaits.
Re-visiting Sebastião Salgado's work.
And looking forward to Wes Anderson's next film.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hmm. The other day I walked by a chain store that sells cosmetics and in the window it boldly said: "Give More." (Translation: buy more of our stuff). I know they are in the business of moving merchandise, but geez. I have bought things from this company before, but I am not likely to buy anything from them right now. It is such a turn off. I don't like commands and enough with the crazy consumerism.
This year for x-mukah we decided to put a $10 limit for gifts.
It was my sister's idea and we all agreed. I think gifts are wonderful. Even big ones. But not all the time and sometimes it is just nice to get back to the basics. I am just as happy over a box of Twinings Earl Grey as I am if you get me a fancy vase or whatever. In fact depending on the vase I might prefer the box of Twinings Earl Grey.

At the end of year is usually when we make donations. We already gave some money to our high school,UNIS, because we think it is the most amazing place. We gave some money to NPR, because we listen to Brian Lehrer all the time. We gave a little to to MS research and to an LGBT rights campaign. We don't give huge amounts, we give what we can afford. Other organizations I plan on giving to is Ovarian Cancer Research and RAINN.

RAINN has been on my mind. This weekend one of my neighbors was robbed and assaulted in our lobby. At 5 PM in the afternoon on a busy street. The attacker wanted to come upstairs, but fiercely my neighbor resisted and thankfully the attacker did not persist. Perhaps because there were too many people out. This incident reminded me of what happened to a class mate of mine, a couple of doors down from my apartment. A man put a knife to her throat in front of her door and raped her and her roomate in their apartment. Assaults happen everyday and everywhere. Whether you are in the city or the suburbs or even in the country. And sometimes it is even someone you know. I try to be aware of my surroundings and avoid risky situations. But unfortunately the truth is no one can totally protect themselves.
RAINN seems like a very good organization to support. Check it out at: www.rainn.org.