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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Good & The Bad

The world can get me down.
Sometimes, after events such as the recent one(s) in Japan, it is hard to keep the yin- yang in check.
But last night I had delicious vegge dim sum with fellow artists Jane, Isa and Rona and when I returned home I was happy to find my husband and Aza playing guitar in our living room. And then things felt better again.
When my younger nephew was little he watched The Lion King, and after he explained the circle of life to me. Wise words can come from unexpected places.
It's all about balance and recognizing that life is all about cycles. And accepting that there are always up and downs. My favorite saying is: "We cannot control the wind, but we can always adjust the sails"(I read that on a fortune cookie).
So true and yesterday's Nicholas D. Kristof Op-Ed for The New York Times greatly illustrates that point. Find the piece at: www.nytimes.com.
I was raised to have a social conscious. I was taught to think and care about others. And truth is, life is easier anyway when you don't always make it all about yourself. It seems to me that the most selfish people are also the most unhappy people.
We recently watched the first season of Treme (tx for the tip, Ida!), and I loved the story line between Antoine Batiste and the Japanese Jazz fan. The kindness of strangers can be surprising but to me that kindness is essential to what it means to be a decent human being. Real kindness is not about tit for tat.


Rona Chang said...

I like your fortune cookie saying and am working on adjusting my sails! Thank you for being such a sweet and caring friend.

nina said...

Right back at you, R :)