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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New York & Wisdom

No longer here: Old Skool "Whale of a Wash"on Broadway & Houston -- for you, Ida.
© Nina Buesing Corvallo

Last night the husband asked: Is this place worth saving? He was referring to New York.
Watching Bill Cunningham New York prompted this question.
To see nonagenarian Editta Sherman and octogenarian Bill Cunningham evicted from their artist residences at Carnegie Hall was heartbreaking. Carnegie Hall is city owned. And that is what really made my heart sink. I can understand a privately owned building taking such steps, but I expect the city to protect its assets and to have wisdom & vision.
Bill Cunningham is an asset (yes, I know they re-homed him into a nice apartment, but magic is fragile). New York needs culture and industry just as it needs banking and tourism.
New York has always been expensive, but never as expensive as today. It makes it very hard for artists to flourish. I read that Berlin artists call New York artists 'weekend artists' because most artists in New York have to put in a 40 hour week into another job first, before they can work on their art. Even if they are very talented.
That is just the reality. New York is tough. No news here. We deal with it. New York is still a treasure. As the Manhattan Mini Storage Ad says: No one gets famous in Demoines ;).
New York is pretty much the only true city in the US. If you cannot walk everywhere, it's not a real city. Sorry. Seems like New York will always maintain that edge at least.

PS: Oh and try to own your home. It's a good strategy in so many ways.

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