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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Theory of Pink

from the series Theory of Pink © Nina Buesing Corvallo

This morning I read a news item on ABC's website by Susan Donaldson James about a recent J.Crew Image stirring up controversy.
It is an image of J.Crew's creative Director Jenna Lyons and her son Beckett. Jenna Lyons is painting Beckett's toe nails pink. They appear happy, are laughing at each other and enjoying a typical & loving mother-child moment.
Apparently some find the pink nail polish on Beckett's toes offensive.
How is it 2011 and this is an issue? How backwards are we as a society?
I don't have children, but I have been around children plenty. Children watch adults and like to copy them (ergo don't smoke or drinks irresponsibly in front of (your) children).
Beckett is a child who is spending time with his mom, who works in fashion and probably sometimes wears pink nail polish. So he probably one day wanted to try it. There is no indication she is forcing him to try on pink nail polish. So what's the problem?
And is it just the color pink or nail polish in general? Apparently (according to www.People.com) Jennifer Lopez's son Max likes blue nail polish.

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Note to Andrea: If my Godchild is so inclined can you please paint his toenails hot pink right away? Unless of course you object to the chemical content of nail polish on your son's precious toes.

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John said...

I thought it was absolutely lovely ad/picture. I tell you our social sensibilities and intelligence in this country is going down - that this is an issue is the sad state of affairs in this country and how the media keeps insulting people.