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Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Early Morning This & That

Eating Out w/Friends © Corvallo

I apologize in advance to my fabulous dentist Dr. B for the intense aura of garlic he will encounter tomorrow while working on my teeth. But I could not resist the roasted garlic at Joseph Leonard. I heart that spot (Yeah, yeah - I know Gabe is opening a lot of restaurants). My only beef is that the music wasn't so great, but the food was good, as was the company and we had our favorite waitress again. JL -- always a good time. The later you go the better. A bit like Lucky Strike.

Jeremy is collecting more awards - well deserved, I say. McArthur next, I hope. Don't know who Jeremy Heimans is? Check out www.purpose.com and TEDx.

If you follow this blog you know how much I care for the work of Jason Florio. So reading Stella Kramer's excellent May 5th post left me feeling miffed. The photography biz is hard. Life is hard. So people: Just stop with the short cuts. It's whack.

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