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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Berliners (Postcards from Berlin)

Urban and Cozy: Berlin
© Nina Buesing Corvallo

My nephew currently is an exchange student in Berlin and so we decided to drive to Berlin to see him and, well, to say hello to Berlin. We had not been in a while and it was time to see Berlin again.
Berlin is fantastic: truly urban but also serene. Berlin is not considered beautiful in the conventional sense (like Paris for instance) but everyone concedes that it is an incredibly stimulating metropolis. There is just so much to see and the air is full of possibility. As many say, the way New York used to be.

Another person that loves Berlin and now lives in Berlin, is Sandra Juto. We had the pleasure of dining with Sandra and Johan while in Berlin (yes, we ate salad in Germany).
They are the loveliest of people and it was wonderful to discuss life and Berlin with them. And I hope they come to New York soon or that we can return to Berlin.

1 comment:

sandra said...

i too hope we will meet again soon! :) it was one of the best evenings this year.