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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NYC Mojo

When the (public) music above and underground stops, it might be time to move. Footage by Nina Buesing Corvallo

They say New York is about money and always has been. This town is about money, but not just about money. What makes it great, is that is also about culture and creativity and change. It is about people interacting with each other, living close and with one another and exchanging ideas and compromising.
But I agree that New York is teetering on the brink. Yes, the city is very safe and I am grateful for it, but I do miss the vibe of the old New York. I know, there is no point in nostalgia, but I am worried about New York's Mojo.
If finance is the heart of New York, than art is its soul. And I think you have to have soul to be (and remain) great.

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pwlsax said...

New York now is about competition. Follow the crowd - outdistance it, outearn it, outexcel it - but first, follow. Believe in the crowd or get out.