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Thursday, October 13, 2011

i type

My SIM card got fried and at first I thought it was my phone itself, so I started to finally consider upgrading. I have been rocking a Blackbery 8700g for about six years and while it was limited (2G!), what it did, it did outstandingly. I received my push email in Bali, in the Arctic, on many beaches and in the Central American Jungle. And my Gosh, the battery life was unbelievable (simple sometimes is better).
I dropped and dropped that phone and it kept on trucking. When they made the 8700g Blackberry was the shit -- to speak plainly.
So what to upgrade to? While very tempted by the iphone (the ease, the camera, some of those apps, the design), but I can't really get over not having a keyboard (and true push email is nice too).

Right now I am trying out the Blackberry 9900 Bold. It's a really nice phone. I like having an excellent keyboard, a super responsive touch screen and a track pad. It's sweet. It is also easy to set up and navigate. But what a week I have picked to get a new Blackberry! WTF Blackberry?
A multiple day outage affecting most of the world? Seriously?!

I am no technofile, but the husband is, and from what I understand this outage might just be another nail in the RIM coffin. What a pity. You people make some beautiful & durable hardware. And I like that you get that some of us want a keyboard.
Now can you please resolve your issues and provide us also with a kick ass operating system? That would be awesome.
Alternatively, how about a freaking keyboard, Apple? I know sliders are kinda whack, but if you made an iphone with a keyboard I would be yours.

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