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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pastry Pride

Pâtisserie From A Corvallo A Day ©Nina Buesing Corvallo

The other night we watched The Kings of Pastry --which is a gem.
I saw the trailer at Film Forum way back and I remember that critics loved it and highlighted the intensity of film, with quotes such as: "I never saw so many strong men sobbing at once." - The Guardian UK and "Forget Masterchef. This is the culinary Hurt Locker." --Herald Scotland.
And it is true the movie is full of tension and dense understated emotion. I found this film absurd and yet full of truth -- and simply beautiful.
Yes, these men are making pastry but it is about so much more as well.
It is about caring& passion, pride & dedication and recognition.
At the beginning of the documentary we see French President Nicolas Sarkozy address the honorees of the competition and remind the listeners to not think of "manual knowledge to be less noble than academic knowledge, less capable to create wealth and well being." To value the artisanal skill as much as the intellectual talent is a good.
Of course to see only men compete is backwards.

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