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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Delphine Diallo & More

Delphine Diallo is currently fundraising over at Kickstarter. I know there is a bit of backlash in regard to Kickstarter, in part because Kickstarter and sites like it, are so cluttered with perhaps not so worthy projects,taking focus away from work or projects that deserve attention and funding.
I am a supporter of Delphine Diallo's project The Gift. Hopefully you will also find this project worthy of support.
Find out more about the project by visiting Kickstarter, Delphine's website: www.delphinediawdiallo.com or visiting Marcus Samuelson's site: www.marcussamuelsson.com.
Or better, if you are in New York, head to Brooklyn for tonight's MoCADA opening reception to see work by Delphine Diallo in person:

PIXELATING: Black in New Dimensions
Curated by Zemen Kidane, Isissa Komada-John, & Jabari Owens-Bailey
MoCADA’s 2011-2012 Curatorial Fellows
November 17, 2011 – February 25, 2012

PS: Another thought on the Kickstarter backlash. I can understand that people are annoyed by the over-saturation and the gall of some people.
However patrons and artists have been intertwined for centuries. Today an artist can appeal to a wider audience than ever before and anyone can be a (micro) patron. Regardless of the over-saturation, I think that this is a better system.
An alternative is artist selling their work through third parties at depressed pricing. While perhaps gaining small exposure briefly, long term artists are diluting their work and often giving up rights and control of their work in the process.
There is a big difference between someone doing street art or consciously giving away their work without monetary compensation or even selling their work on big cartel or etsy; and artists being exploited by third party vendors and agencies, practically giving away their work and the rights to their works for nothing.

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