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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holly Becker

Thanks to Sandra, I was introduced to the blogs of Holly Becker, design maven and American expat living in Northern Germany. Holly Becker has a wonderful passion for design and an incredible eye. Her blog Decor8 is immensely popular for those reasons. Ms. Becker also blogs about her expat experience on her personal blog Haus Maus. I love Holly's writing and her kindness in sharing her personal insides. What makes Haus Maus particularly interesting to me is to read about Holly's experience as an expat. I am a Northern German living in the US, and she is an American living in Northern Germany. I just get a kick out of reading about the 'reverse' perspective :)
Anyway if you haven't yet, visit Holly Becker's blogs at: www.hollymaus.blogspot.com and www.decor8blog.com.

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Pure Living* Interiors said...

I'm totally agree, Holly is one of the loveliest people I ever met.