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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Manhattan Murder Mystery

Like any good New Yorker, I am fond of Woody Allen films. Last night we watched Manhattan Murder Mystery. Chuck full of great lines, my favorite probably being the following:

"LARRY: No, I...Yeah, look, no, I-I forbid you! I forbid you to go! It's a-a...I'm forbidding! Is that what you do when I forbid you? If-If that's what
you...I'm not going to be forbidding you a lot, if you do..."

The movie also made me nostalgic for "my New York", filmed in 1992 it reflects the New York I know best. The flea market on 26th & the parking lot on Astor featured, both no longer exist. Sad, but as they say you can't stop f***ing New York City.

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