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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Dawn, Sápmi (Work in Progress) © Nina Buesing Corvallo

from Untitled (Death Valley) © Nina Buesing Corvallo

I have been working on a new section on my fine art site, called Untitled. Many of these are images from a trip I took last year.
The husband and I went to the Arctic Circle (near where Sandra is from) the winter before and it was very cold. I loved it. My husband was glad he went, but didn't enjoy the cold. And he said that in turn he would take me to one of the hottest places on Earth.

So last year during the height of summer, we travelled to Death Valley.
It was freaking hot. I take the cold any day over that kind of heat. I was carrying about 20 pounds of camera gear with me in 121 degrees Fahrenheit in the Badwater Basin and came close to fainting. I was so hot. My husband, who has a more Mediterranean constitution, was barely bothered. I however felt like I was standing in front of a giant hair dryer. Still I am glad we went. I live in a urban environment and I like to travel to non-urban places.
Death Valley certainly was that, but while the nature was other worldly, what intrigued me most was the tiny settlement - surrounding the two motels and one resort- in the middle of desert.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Conversation with Sandra Juto

Beautifully captured: Portrait of the wonderful Sandra herself in her new apartment, Mr. Bompa who currently resides in NYC and Johan Pergenius, Sandra's talented husband. All images © Sandra Juto

Today I am thrilled to present a conversation with artist Sandra Juto. I discovered Sandra & her work via her blog several years ago and her journal remains a favorite read. So many blogs are used solely for promotion and that is boring. Sandra however is very generous in sharing about her process and her life. To me her blog is a non-static art piece. Art is all about communication, with the self and others. And Sandra is very good at communicating, whether it is through illustration, knitting & crocheting, blogging or photography.

All images © Sandra Juto

Nina: You recently moved to Berlin. How is your new environment affecting/inspiring your work?

Sandra: I have just slowly started working, settling in a new country has taken so much more time than I could've ever imagined and I'm not halfway fixing papers and stuff yet. I'm sure I will feel more inspired workwise because I am already feeling pretty much happier. It takes time to "land", I still believe I'm in Berlin on holiday.

Beautiful Observations by Sandra -- and her famous Wrist Worms! All images © Sandra Juto

N: Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

S: Oh wow, I just calculated. I will be 42 then! I just saw a Swedish tv-show where an actress said she thought 42 was the perfect age for her, so I hope life will only get better from where I am now. I will make sure to do my best, but what I'll be doing - I have no idea but I look forward to it and I hope to see myself as a happier and more stable person, compared to when I was 22 being 32 is a huge difference.

Magical All images © Sandra Juto

N: You are from a small town in the North of Sweden, but you seem to love big city life. However do you ever get enough of the urban life? Do you need to escape the city from time to time?

S: No, never. I love to go back to my hometown but it's never in an escape-the-city-way. I've dreamt of living in a bigger city ever since I was a child. When I lived in Gothenburg (Sweden's 2nd largest town) my apartment had very thin walls, facing a quite calm street and my neighbours woke me up all the time. Now I live in an apartment facing a big street with heavy traffic and I haven't slept this well in ages. I love the sounds of the city, it's a bit like living close to the ocean.

Illustrations by Sandra All images © Sandra Juto

N: I have been following your blog and work for a long time. And I admire your decisiveness. It seems that if something is not working for you or does not make you happy, you quickly take action to change it. Have you always been like that?

S: I have just recently become that person. Until just a couple of years ago I was the opposite, always waiting for someone else to fix things and make me happy. I hated myself from time to time and didn't think I was worth anything and often saw myself as a victim. Nowadays I want what's best for myself and people around me, I can't understand how I could think the opposite before. I'm glad I could make a change and that I did it before 30 instead of 70 or never.

All images © Sandra Juto

N: You have an incredible eye and you work in many mediums. I am wondering if you are also interested in moving imagery. Will we see videos by Sandra one day? Or does the moving image not interest you as much?

S: Thank you!
I'm getting more and more interested in moving imagery (must be because I've been watching so much more film since I started crocheting Wrist Worms), it would be so much fun to make some kind of video. I've made one short film once with my husband, 6 years ago, before we hooked up. It's about Jackson Pollock and how he died (a made up story).

Shape, Light and Color © Sandra Juto

N: Do you have a tattoo? And if not, would you ever get one? And if so of what?

S: No tattoo. It has never interested me personally, but I like that other people do it, especially when it's really well made and has a beautiful thought behind it.

N: Thank you so much!

To see or find out more about Sandra & her work please visit: www.sandrajuto.com.