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Monday, March 5, 2012

Highlights from The Veggie Food Festival

Delicious! Cavi-art by Plant Based Foods © Nina Corvallo

Yesterday we checked out the 2nd Annual Vegetarian Food Festival.

Things I was excited about:

- they are introducing European plant based food to America. I was familiar with Tartex (so good!) but had never tasted Cavi-art. Really yummy; we liked the black and red, Salmon Cavi-art best.
-For lunch I had some vegge (and kosher) sushi from Beyond Sushi by www.espritevents.com, which was delicious and all packaging was compostable. They did not use any Cavi-art but they should!
-www.sachavida.com - an oil rich in omegas and other nutrients made from a unique plant growing in the Amazon. Apparently this crop is 100% Eco-friendly, which is exciting.
-www.vegansailing.biz -- sailing tours in the Virgin Islands providing custom vegan meals. The skipper and first mate seemed like the nicest people and this sounds like a great vacation option.I want to go to there ;)
-I signed the petition in support of phasing out horse drawn carriages in New York. I know many think of this as a classic New York staple and as something romantic. But it is not. It's cruel. We all have to accept change. What is great about www.NY-CLASS.org is that they proposing solutions that would create new/replacement jobs.
I do think that most of the people who operate these carriages care for their charges, but I do not think that horses belong in midtown traffic. Hell, most of us don't even belong in midtown traffic.
-www.naturalgourmetinstitute.com - a place to learn more about healthy gourmet cooking.
-www.healthyschoolfood.org - an organization who promotes more nutritious food and eating habits in NY schools. I am so into this. While reading Bringing Up Bébé that is one thing that really stuck with me: how much better Parisian children where apparently eating in school.
-www.nubianheritage.com - their locally produced, all vegetarian bar soaps are great. My favorite remains the Lemongrass one. Dual Specialty Store in the East Village carries their products as does Whole Foods.Link
This event was fun and to my delight packed!

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