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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day This & That

Happy May/Labour Day!

Karin & Camilla collaborated on another wonderful project. Find it at Manos: www.manos.bigcartel.com.

Sandra posted the best "kitten" story, find it at: www.sandrajuto.blogspot.com.

(via Kottke)  Amazing collection of NYC images was recently put online by the Municipal Archive at: www.mtprawvwdorlna1.nyc.gov/luna/servlet/allCollections
Be patient the server is a bit overwhelmed. Alan Taylor posted some amazing images fromthe collection over at The Atlantic: www.theatlantic.com - take a look!

Under The Brooklyn Bridge

Red Hook Pool

Lower Manhattan 1938 -- all images courtesy NYC Municipal Archive


Rona Chang said...

I think some of the images of NYC bridges that I digitized last year is part of that. Not sure since it's not accessible yet, but what a wonderful collection!

nina corvallo said...

Rona - that's so cool!