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Monday, September 10, 2012


Lufthansa Jet on a foggy day by Nina Buesing Corvallo
For many years my preferred airline was a US carrier that will remain unnamed. Suffice to say a merger in recent years caused a decline in service. And even though that airline - or what has become of it - still flies non-stop to all three destinations I have to fly to a least once a year, I opt mostly to fly a different carrier. To and in Europe we fly Lufthansa. And the difference in service is jarring.
I must admit that I have a soft sport for Lufthansa. My dad traveled a lot when I was a child and my mom and I would pick him up at Hamburg airport. I watched many Lufthansa planes land and take off. I remember the toys the blue & yellow clad Lufthansa flight attendants gifted me when I was en route with them. I think their logo is iconic, very Wes Anderson. My memories of Lufthansa are all happy ones.
However even objectively speaking Lufthansa is a great airline: a good safety record, a well maintained fleet  and outstanding service.
My friend Alex, who travels frequently, says what he likes about Lufthansa is that  that the minute you sit down, even if many thousand miles away, you feel like you are already home.
OK, the man is in advertising, but really that is exactly how I feel too.

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