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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Printed Matter

Printed Matter made my day today.
For those who don't know about Printed Matter:
Printed Matter is the most comprehensive resource of art books an dartiost publication. An incredible resource located in Chelsea. Printed matter's catalog is also available online and they will ship order for those who cannot make it to their store in New York.
The staff is knowledgeable and kind.
Printed Matter is anon-profit organization that also sponsors exhibits and events. You can support Printed Matter by donating to their organization. Find out more at: www.printedmatter.org.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lillian Bassman 1917-2012

courtesy Lillian Bassman Estate

Last week the wonderful Lillian Bassman departed. I was lucky to meet Ms. Bassman on a couple of occasions, once when she generously donated a work of hers for a fundraiser I helped organize. Her work always appealed to me, but the rest of her life is equally inspirational. It seems that she achieved the incredibly elusive state of balance in which she had an incredible career and a wonderful family. A little bit over three years ago Lillian's husband Paul Himmel passed. Lillian met Paul first at the age 9 in Coney Island. Paul Himmel's family opened the first vegetarian restaurant in America in 1922 in Coney Island.
While Lillian attended The Manhattan Textile High School they began dating and while still teenagers began living together. They had children late and deliberately. Lillian lived her whole life in New York. They traveled and also spend summers out on Fire Island with friends such as Richard Avedon.
Lillian and Paul were also incredibly fond of cats. It seems that they had it all figured out.