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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Well hello there. I think I can now slowly return to blogging. I have been a bit busy. The other day I found myself eating chocolate while taking a shower. I was in a time crunch and wanted to eat chocolate and take a shower, so that is how that happened. The reason I have been pressed for time is the arrival of our son. He is wonderful and all consuming.

Anyway, this morning (well morning for me) while nursing I was listening to Marina Abramovic on The Leonard Lopate Show. 'The Artsist' just comes over as so simpatico that you just want to have her over for dinner. You can find that conversation at: www.wnyc.org
The Talks also just published an interview with Marina Abramovic, find it at: www.the-talks.com

Now I will be returning to solely focusing on my son and listening to Baby needs Beethoven :)