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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another This & That

You have to love Stellan Skarsgård! Here what he has to say about living in Sweden: www.the-talks.com

The Style Files always provides inspiration: www.style-files.com

And Carly Ries project Breast Cancer Portraits is arresting. I have never thought all that much about my breasts, in part because they are small and were easy not to think about. But with nursing that has changed. The size not so much, but my relationship to my breasts has. It's my son's primary source of food and comfort. I am confronted with people's hang ups about breastfeeding and breasts in general.And of course physically my breast are different too, harder to ignore if you will.
Carly Ries' work would have always impacted me, but now these portraits speak to me even more intensely.
See them at: www.carlyries.com.