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Sunday, January 20, 2013


When Babies gte tired, they get cranky. When Babies are cranky it's best to remove all stimulus and settle them to sleep. This really goes for adults too. As we grow we are taught more control. Control to get through that meeting, dinner, flight, etc while we are tired. Many also use caffeine, sugar, etc to help push through tiredness. The downside of control is that we also become less in tune. unaware of ourselves and more accepting.
Sometimes when we need all stimulus removed, we don't even realize it. We might be irritable, in a bad mood and don't even realize why. It can cause real stress. I live in a mixed zone area in New York City. In the past couple of years because of changing economic forces, there has been a great influx of new business in my neighborhood.These commercial ventures have brought bring with them noise pollution. Some of the noise is temporary other noise pollution plays itself out more insidiously.
Noise pollution is a health concern that is mostly overlooked and ignored in this city/country and that needs to change.

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